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Veronica Francis

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Veronica Francis is president of Notchnet, Inc. a web marketing firm she started with her husband in 1999 and is now one of the top leading web marketing firms in Northern New Hampshire.

The success of Notchnet is partly contributed to Veronica's leadership philosophy of providing engaging customer service and training opportunities to her clients. Helping companies and individuals utilize today's digital marketing tools in conjunction with traditional business communication techniques to meet their goals is a passion of Veronica's and her presentations are always well received.

Veronica Francis has led professional development and web marketing training programs for over 25 years. Being one of the original founders of WREN (the Women's Rural Entrepreneurial Network), she began her career teaching career development techniques, business communication and self-management skills to displaced workers around the North Country of NH.

In 2012, she was chosen by Constant Contact as the Local Authorized Expert in Northern NH/VT. This designation allows her to present Constant Contact exclusive email and web marketing trainings live and online.

In the past few years, Veronica has presented seminars throughout New Hampshire and Vermont, hosted by various organizations including:

Professional Development Seminar Topics presented by Veronica Francis

Motivational Humorous Keynote Presentations:

Circus Power!

Circus Power!

A fun and lively presentation using circus metaphors to prevent career burn-out and ideas to manage stress.

Greetings from Glad Towne!

Pollynna WaveVeronica lives in Littleton, New Hampshire - also known as the Glad Town. Littleton is the birthplace of the author of the bestselling book "Pollyanna". Veronica naturally embraces the optimism of the story and presents an inspiring presentation about living in Glad Town to help audiences lighten up and find something to be glad about in today's mad world.

Veronica has experience presenting to all audiences from large conference keynotes to small working groups.

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