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Author and Motivational Humorist

circus towne the book

Growing up in an amusement business gave me an entertaining view of life. When I was eight years old, my father started a circus-themed amusement business in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Every day for three summers, I had a front row seat and a pass to the back lot of a live circus. Those memories inspired me to write the story of Circus Towne. Since I published those stories, I've taken the lessons I learned at the circus and developed a motivational presentation: Circus Power! Check out my humorous approach to battling burnout, including tips on bringing balance and humor into your life!

Owner of the GoLittleton Glad Shop

golittleton glad shopLittleton is the home town of Eleanor Porter, the author of the book, Pollyanna. This famous story is about a young girl who looks for something to be glad about everyday. Even in troubled times. I tend to look on the bring side of life and often called a "Pollyanna". But I take it as a compliment. To help spread some gladness and honor Eleanor Porter's timeless story, I'm the proud owner of the GoLittleton Glad Shop.

Public Speaker & Trainer

public speaker

I present to small groups, large groups, online, outside in fields and inside arenas - from Elk Farmers to Bankers - on a variety of topics from digital marketing trends to avoiding mid-life burnout.
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Digital Marketing Consultant

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Co-owner of Notchnet, a web marketing firm in Littleton, New Hampshire. Our services include web marketing, e-commerce, digital content development, video production and search engine optimization services. View our services at