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veronica and chuckI live in Littleton, New Hampshire with my husband, Charles Flanders. Together we own and manage a web marketing firm, Notchnet.


Littleton, New Hampshire features a classic New England Main Street set within the heart of the White Mountains. It is a recognized walkable community and I enjoy walking by the river every day to my office in the heart of downtown. To promote how great our hometown is, I started and manage a website all about Littleton:


notchnet At Notchnet, I help small business owners navigate the world of digital marketing by assisting them with web/email hosting, brainstorming ideas for campaigns to increase traffic and just strategizing how to keep up with the fast paced online world.

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Circus. I am defintely passionate about circus! I even wrote a book about it! Circus Towne. I strive to bring circus into my life every day to amuse myself, ease stress and keep fit!
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Littleton is the home town of Eleanor Porter, the author of the book, Pollyanna. This famous story is about a young girl who looks for something to be glad about everyday. Even in troubled times. I tend to look on the bring side of life and have been called a "Pollyanna" once or twice in my life. But I take it as a compliment and I'm even an award holder in optimism! I'm proud to be a Pollyanna Signature Honoree