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2023 Projects

Old Man of the Mountain, Franconia, NH

Veronica has worked with the Old Man of the Mountain Legacy Fund organization for past three years implementing a new website, email marketing campaign and a year-long PR campaign celebrating the 20th anniversary of his fall. The PR campaign included online and offline event management, fundraising campaigns, press outreach resulting in full page story in Sunday NY Times and Associated Press articles, developed an interactive scavenger hunt game for visitors to the park to engage with the icon and build online engagement with visitors.

NH-VT Christmas Tree Association

Veronica has worked with individual tree farmers for over twenty years and is the director of the NH-VT Christmas Tree Association. She has presented web marketing seminars to farmers and assisted with over twenty individual farm websites. Many of the farms she worked with implemented digital marketing strategies to increase sales at the farm and online. She implemented online tree sales for the three top northern NH Christmas Tree farms. Veronica enjoys working with the association to improve member communication and to support Christmas tree farms in NH and Vermont.

Littleton, New Hampshire

Veronica works with Littleton, NH business owners to promote the town of Littleton, NH. Veronica led the marketing planning and content development for apromotional website, events, video and social media campaigns to help Littleton become one of the leading tourist destinations in NH. Since implementing these campaigns and brochures, Littleton has gained recognition and awards in various national publications.

Patria Productions

Veronica has worked with Patria Music for over a decade by managing their website, producing videos and podcasts with the team and managing on and offline public relations. She has assisted with the development and promotion of their YouTube Channel and provides direction on creating engaging video clips/reels for international online audiences.


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digital marketing can be funIt can seem impossible to keep up with digital marketing trends. Everyday there is a new app or platform to learn. It can really slow productivity and bog down the entrepreneurial spirit! When working with my web marketing clients, we don't just talk tech - we focus on their business dreams and what web tools would work best to achieve those dreams. Apps and platforms are tools built to help grow your business, not overwhelm you. Sometimes we don't need the latest and greatest, we just need the right strategy and tools best suited to promote our mission. And, it doesn't need to be a grind! When you find the right web programs that match your personality and values, web marketing can be fun! If it isn't, well then maybe you need my services.

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